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Select a transgender social group
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Select a form of violence you
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The violence faced by transgender people has been divided into three
broad colour-coded categories based on their impact and severity:


The components you will find on the page to
help you navigate the information are:

The OVERVIEW will give you a general idea of how the community faces a specific kind of violence.
The FOOTNOTES detail specific information on acts, laws and histories of specific transgender identity groups; and is a space to say more about certain words or phrases referred in the Overview section.

The GLOSSARY has been created for better understanding of the language used in the tool, and to find specific words that might not be easily understandable, although heavily used. It can be accessed from the main menu.

The RECOMMENDED READING list offers further academic articles, reports, news articles, videos, podcasts and other information created by the global transgender community and through sources to know more about the selected category.
The LIVED EXPERIENCES section is a space for transgender people who form many of these categories and overlap within them to have their own personal narratives added as evidence building to make our own arguments. Since Transform has the scope of being used to inform research and policy, the personal narratives of trans people are as important as any report or research within this tool.
A lot (actually, all) of the information on Trans/form is about and surrounding violence faced by transgender people, hence, each page has been equipped with trigger and content warning tools. You can choose to go ahead or stop reading at this point, or take a break and return when you are ready to read this information. Accessible from the main menu is a TRIGGER TOOLKIT complete with tools, cat/dog/animal videos, music and readings that may be useful during particularly tough times.

Warning: Sensitive and Triggering Information Ahead​

The following section talks about various forms of violence and transmisogynistic behaviour inflicted on transgender people including fatal violence, assault and abuse – physical, emotional and sexual from various people known and unknown to the trans-person. 

Please proceed with caution as you navigate through these pages, and access our trigger toolkit from the main menu if need to stop viewing this content.