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This page is dedicated to work that has been created by the community in vernacular languages about their lived experiences as Trans people in a transmisogynistic society so that the amount of work done in languages beyond English can also be archived and accessed by Trans/form’s visitors. Do you know of vernacular language  articles and resources by transgender people on experiences? Let us know from here!

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LanguageTitle and LinkYearAuthor/CreatorTypeAdditional Details
EnglishNext Time There is A Pandemic2022Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishPeople Change2022Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishHow to Fair as a Popstar2021Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishWe Are Not the Others2021Kalki SubramaniamBook
EnglishContinuum2021Chella ManBook
EnglishBeyond the Gender Binary2020Alok Vaid MenonBook
EnglishThe Subtweet2020Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishDeath Threat2019Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishFierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir2019Kai Cheng ThomBook
EnglishI’m Afraid of Men2018Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishA Gift of Goddess Lakshmi2017Manobi BandhopadhyayBook
EnglishThe Boy & The Bindi2016Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishEven This Page is White2016Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishRed Lipstick2016Laxminarayan TripathiBook
EnglishThe Magnificent Malls of Edmonton2015Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishMe Hijra, Me Laxmi2015Laxminarayan TripathiBook
EnglishShe of the Mountains2014Vivek ShrayaBook
EnglishWhat I Love About Being Queer2013Vivek ShrayaBook